Our company

Igea Plast is a family experience, born some decades ago, in the technical textile industry.

It’s the obstinacy in believing in the "Made in Italy". It’s the choice of growing daily, together with our clients and suppliers, to achieve new targets and market segments. It’s the natural inclination that leads us to consider the quality as a fundamental factor for the continuity of our materials and for the development of new products.

Production process

Our work is based on the realisation of special finishings, on technical fabrics in polyamide fiber or polyester. These procedures are needed to make these materials usable into various sectors.
The list of productive processes includes: coating, oil-repellence and hydro-repellence, flame retardant finishing, resistance treatment to hydrolysis in sea water or chlorate water, adhesivation, lamination, IR treatment (infrared treatment), weldability.

Technical textile

We work together with our clients’ necessities, realising new materials even using special fabrics as Cordura®, for which we’re licensed on the brand usage.
Every material, whether produced by us or already included in our collection or of new production, is tested in our factory as well as by external accredited laboratories, with the aim to fully comply with UNI EN ISO and other standards.